Deal with post-covid Hairfall

Deal with post-covid Hairfall

Testing negative after a covid-19 infection is a huge battle won but there are many impacts of it. Due to the enormous virus’s strain on both physical and mental well-being, many people experience post-covid complications that hinder complete healing from it. After the second wave of the pandemic lot of the sufferers started complaining about hair fall. Many people in general suffer from hair fall daily which is a big toll on most of the population in India, as many other factors lead to the same such as pollution and various other environmental factors. Post-covid hair loss is majorly due to stress, nutritional deficiency like reduced levels of Vitamins and minerals in our body. Unlike regular hair fall where an individual can lose easily 50-100 strands daily, the numbers in post covid hair fall was way more higher than the normal.

 Fenufit for Hairfall



The common spice fenugreek or methi oil has long been used as an element concerning hair care. Everyone in today's world expects a good hair day and lustrous hair. From stopping hair loss to smoothening one’s hair Fenugreek oil is one stop for all the upcoming problems. Fenugreek helps to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp, it also nourishes the hair follicle to facilitate faster and healthier new growth. The mucilage content replenishes the hair and provides smoothness allowing us to detangle our hair easily which also helps rehabilitate radiance in hair. 


Fenugreek also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that helps with scalp irritation and also dandruff. And if you are losing hair due to post covid symptoms, we highly recommend fenugreek since it's the best remedy to restore the good health of hair. 





  • Put 5-6 drops of Fenufit oil (fenugreek oil) in a bowl then put a teaspoon of a carrier oil of your choice.
  • Mix it properly 
  • Apply on the scalp properly and thoroughly 
  • Keep it overnight and then wash it the next morning with Fenufit shampoo (fenugreek and onion extract)


Enjoy the smooth and lustrous hair.

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