Fenugreek for PCOD


Fenufit for PCOS

PCOD calls for awareness in general society. The only thing more startling than the plurality of PCOS amongst women of childbearing age may lack of awareness surrounding it. There could be several reasons why so few people have heard of PCOS, even though as many as 5 in 10 are living with it but they don’t know that they are suffering from it.

Let’s discuss about the symptoms which are induced by PCOD or PCOS.

* Hirsutism is the growth of excessive facial or body hair, is one of the tough side effects that women often deal with. The hair on their head may start to thin while thicker stands in a few of the unwanted places on the body.
* Fast and seemingly uncontrollable weight gain is another complication.
* Due to the formation of cyst, it results in irregularity in periodic cycles of females.
* Excessive Breakouts are also a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome.

As it’s a syndrome it’s very difficult to diagnose PCOS. There are no specific tests so there are a series of tests, which can help diagnose. There are many organizations which are taking steps to spread awareness about PCOS and PCOD.

Did you know?

* 4 in 10 cases of diabetes can be linked to PCOS.
* 34% of women with PCOS have depression and 45% have anxiety.
* Around 20% of women with PCOS have no menstrual period.
* Around 70% of women with PCOS experience insulin resistance.
* PCOS can also lead to infertility and obesity.
* Around 40% of women with PCOS suffer from hair fall.

Treating the symptoms

PCOS can’t be treated but their symptoms can be treated. We should start very simply. Start with walking daily, and start losing weight. We should pay attention to the nutritional needs of our body. Stop having oily foods. Start consuming good fats and a high fiber diet. Fenugreek in whole is a very good supplement for those who suffer from PCOS and PCOD. Which can help you to control insulin resistance since PCOS is directly linked to diabetes. There are diets, supplements, exercise and medications that can help so it’s very important to that the first step.

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